Have a prayer request? Want to pray with us for others in need?

Prayer isn't a last resort, but a first response.

The Prayer Share is private to our Grace Church community. Please join in!

To get started, click on the blue icon (below right with an 'N') and select Prayer Share.

You will need to sign in with your Nucleus account. This is done for prayer privacy. You can create a new account here -- or you may already have one (for example, perhaps you have given online before).

If this is your first time with Prayer Share, once you are signed in you will be able to request access to the Prayer Hub (a.k.a. Prayer Wall). We check for new requests weekly to grant approvals.

If you have an immediate prayer request, and are not yet approved, contact us HERE (scroll to the bottom).

Prayer requests can be very personal and this is why we take these efforts to keep access within our church community!