Community Outreach

Get plugged into our outreach team as we Wear Love Out to the Space Coast!

What does the Outreach Team do?

At Grace, our vision is to Transform the Space Coast with the radical love of Jesus! One way we do this is through community outreach. We have an outreach team that partners with ministries in our county to WEAR LOVE OUT by serving in any way needed. We work with the ministries to arrange service projects for serve day, provide gifts for the Giving Trees during Christmas and many events in between. We have multiple SERVE days and projects that you can be a part of! Additionally, any donations that are needed for any event will be on this page so keep an eye out! If you would like to be part of the Outreach Team, you can join by clicking this link.

What organizations are we partnered with?

There are several organizations that we are partnered with and you can see them below. We have liaisons on the team that work directly with these organizations to setup projects for serve day, arrange gifts for the Giving Tree during Christmas and assist in other opportunities throughout the year! We are expanding this list and have room for you to become a liaison! The more people we have, the more we can do.

What opportunities are there to serve?

2023 was AMAZING! We were able to do the following awesome events! We will be adding more to the calendar for 2024 so be sure to sign up for the Outreach team or check on this page to see where you can volunteer.

2023 Highlights

  • April 2023 Serve Day - Grace church manages 5 projects to serve the members of various organizations around the county. Some projects occurred during the week. The project included creating 250 blessing bags for the homeless, washing windows for Promise in Brevard, helping with outdoor work at Nana's House, hosting and coordinating a Health Fair for the families in the neighborhood of The Master's Workshop.
  • (2) Foster's Night Out Events in May and July - This is a night when Grace church volunteers watch (50) foster children while their parents get a well deserved night out!
  • August University Park Teacher Appreciation - We provide a catered breakfast for the teachers and then present them with a present from Grace Church to help them for the upcoming schools year.
  • Grace church children created placemats to encourage those that are part of the KAIROS prison ministry. The purpose is to ensure they know they are loved and prayed for.
  • September 2023 Serve Day - Grace church managed 5 projects to serve the members of various organizations around the county. Project included creating 250 blessing bags for the homeless, working at streetside showers for the homeless, replacing a garden at Nana's House, gathering donated clothing and helping with a clothing drive at The Master's Workshop and refurbishing metal outdoor furniture of the children and staff at University Park.
  • December 2023 Giving Trees - Grace church was able to give over 300 presents to children and families in Nana's House, The Master's Workshop and Get Too Attached. It was a HUGE success and all because of the generosity of YOU!!

What's coming in 2024?

We will be doing several serve days, some more Foster's Night Events, Kicking Bear adventure camps and some other events in between! Signing up to be part of the team ensures that you are on the regular communications on these events. It will also ensure that you are included in the quarterly larger meetings that will provide a more in depth overview.

Feel free to message using the form at the bottom of the page if you want more info!

Want more info?

If you would like more information on how you can make a difference with us on the outreach team or would like more information on any of the opportunities listed above, message our outreach director, Kari Tesenair, using the form below!